Saturday, January 5, 2013

Starting 2013 Right! Let's Do This.

So on Jan 2nd 2013 started my health turn around from going from no excercise, eating and drinking whatever I want, which was mostly yummy junk food for least over 10 months. As a result I gained over 25 pounds and can't even fit into many of my clothes now! It has become difficult doing simple stuff like walking upp stairs, putting on panty hoes, and in general just walking at times because the weight gain has put a big strain on my back. It is time to turn this unhealthy train around!Tthe first day of my journey Jan 2, 2013 was filled with lots of fun but also was very eye opening. My boyfriend and I walked up Baldwins and I had to stop several times on my way up for a breathe , my back was killing me, and I couldn't even make it up to the top.  I was really sad this day because I realized how far I have left myself go and upset at how difficult it is making my life now. Put at the same time I kept thinking don't worry Haley you have done this before and you know you can do this again. So no more putting it off it is time to get healthy!

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