Sunday, January 2, 2011


Wow so I did a lot of writing in 2010. Posted 1 blog! hahhaha ok, so after I read my one and only blog of 2010 it sounds like my goals and focus is very similar to how I hoping my 2011 will go. My plans for 2010 was all about stepping out of my comfort zone, making big decisions and devoting to personal growth, which is exactly what I was planning on this year! hmmm.. well this just might be my focus this year and maybe more years to come..fuck it. its my own damn resolutoins and if I want to repeat it like a broken record so be it!

I did accomplish some goals of 2010:
I graduate with my Masters with a 3.9!
I lost 30 lbs and kept it off!
I traveled to Napa, SF, Tahoe, Reno, with my mom and grandma and had amazing trip.
Got Kobe back!!
Stood up to a a bully landlord and investor company..found out my rights and used them and won!
Stopped smoking weed on a regular basis.
Tried Rock Climbing.

But now I am ready for a new year!
My goals this year are:
Deepen my faith in God
Make more positive, amazing, christian friends
Make at least 50k
Get a new job that I LOVE!
Start and complete Life Coaching program
Start bike riding
Start a outdoor adventure group
Learn to play guitar
Learn photography
Date lots of Hot Sweet Kind Men
Learn to not be so negative about myself
work on expressing my feelings more with loved ones
Laugh more
Pay off credit cards
Lose 60 pounds
Improve my cooking skills
Take more dance lessons
Have more patience with my mom and garrett
Read more books

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